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My first taste of stocks/bonds/retirement accounts was at 27 years old while dealing blackjack in Las Vegas. For some reason I was living as if financial security was an unattainable unicorn. Maybe even at times thinking the odds of winning the lotto were similar. I didn't pay much attention to the fact I signed up for a 401k. I had to roll-over the account to an IRA and that's when I finally took the initiative to learn as much about the bank, tax, and finance industries as possible. 


FinTech (Financial Technology)

I have experience with Acorns, SoFi, Robinhood, Coinbase, Blockchain, Stash, Webull, Chime, Bet Online, Bovada, Ibotta, Rakuten, GetUpside and so much more. I am not licensed or certified to give tax advice, this is just for entertainment purposes in the form of reviews and my personal financial disclosures of profit & losses. 


I got into crypto by "accident" you could say.

I wanted to try online casinos that accepted and paid real money. No silly app game... the real deal... virtually...

After getting my Blockchain and Coinbase accounts squared away with the bank, it was tile to roll. From there, Robinhood was my next dose of crypto. I've eased up while I conservatively maintain and build guaranteed profit.

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